Five Arches v Pembroke Dock

Five ArchesFIVE ARCHES 79 shots (2 pts) PEMBROKE DOCK 105 (12)

31 May 2014

Last Saturday, the visitors to Sutton Street were Pembroke Dock. They produced a fine performance against the Five Arches to return to the Dock with 12 points to the Arches' two. This was another disappointing result for the Arches. coming on the back of the defeat the previous Saturday against Pendine, with Gerald skipping the only winning rink to gain the two points.  This game was played out on rink one against Richard Hissey and his men. At the tea break, the Arches four were trailing by 13 shots to nine,  by end 16 the deficit was six shots. The G Men then produced a superb finish, winning the last five ends and picking up 11 shots in the process, to win 25 shots to 20.

Rink two saw Dai and his rink drawn against Richard Jones and his men. This was a game of two halves,  as at the 10-end break, the Arches four were leading 13 shots to five, but after tea, the opposition went into overdrive. picking up 12 shots over the next six ends to lead 17 shots to 13. The remaining ends also went the way of the Dock, seeing them pick up another nine shots to the Arches' five.  On rink four, the captain's rink had another disappointing day, up against the wily Brian Dowling and his men.  Although winning 10 of the 21 ends, with a six included on the 15th end, the Arches four dropped too many big counts, and went down by 31 shots to 20.  Alongside on rink five, Ray Taylor and his cubs found themselves drawn against Dave Buchanan and his crew. The Dockers were fast out of the blocks, leading nine shots to nil after four ends. From then on Tiger's cubs were always playing catch-up, eventually going down by 28 shots to 16. 
Rink scores (Five Arches first, Pembroke Dock skips only) were as follows:

John Rees, Steve Davies, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 25; Richard Hissey 20.
Kevin Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Ken Lloyd, Dai Spencer 18; Richard Jones 26.
Jonno Hubbard, Tony Powling, Steve Williams, Ashley Hooper 20; Brian Dowling 31.
Harold Ebdon, Steve Sheldon, Peter Hooper, Ray Taylor 16; Dave Buchanan 28.

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