Five Arches v Pembroke Dock

Five ArchesFive Arches 65 (3pts) Pembroke Dock 78 (11pts)
9th July 2016

After a good win in the first match of the season at Pembroke Dock, the Five Arches had hoped to pick up a few more points in the home game against them , however this was not to be.  Rink 1 saw Webby and his rink of Ken, Kev and Beano have a  close game against wily Brian Dowling. Close all through the game , the Pembroke Dock rink edged it by 15 shots to 11. On Rink 2 , Neil assisted by John, Mike and TP had an even closer game, leading by 3 at tea, the Pembroke Dock four fought back to lead by 3 themselves going into the last end. However fine play by the Five Arches lads allowed them to pick up 3 shots and tie the match. 

Captain Ashley and his rink of Simon, Viv and Dai Lloyd rocketed off at the start of the game leading by 6 shots at tea and 13 shots after 14 ends. The Pembroke Dock rink led by Richard Jones then fought back to close the gap but the Five Arches hung on and edged a fine 21 shots to 16 win. Finally Ben and his gang of Roger, Johno and Steve had a tough day at the office, trailing by 7 shots at tea, they never really got into the game and lost by 26 shots to 12. A disappointing result but all credit to the Pembroke Dock boys.  Next game Haverfordwest away. 

Roger Thomas, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 12 Richard Hissey 26
John Rees, Mike Day, Tony Powling, Neil Dickinson 21 Matt John 21
Ken Lloyd, Kevin Lewis, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb 11 Brian Dowling 15
Viv John, David Lloyd, Simon Evans, Ashley Hooper 21 Richard Jones 16

Five Arches v Tenby

Five ArchesFive Arches 60 (0pts) Tenby 119 (14pts)

29th June 2016


After a great performance against Whitland the previous Saturday, we played reigning champions Tenby on a cool Wednesday night. On rink 1 , Captain Ashley and his rink of Viv, Dai Lloyd and Dai Spencer held their own in the first half of the game, 14 shots all after 10 ends. The Tenby rink then upped their game in the second half and eased out to a comfortable 31 shots to 20 victory. On Rink 2 , the returning Ben and his rink of Johno, TP and Simon were up against it from the start. Trailing 15 shots to 5 at tea , they battled hard, eventually losing by 33 shots to 12.

Gerald and his rink of John, Kev and Neil had a closer game on rink 3. Trailing by 6 at half time , they fought on to lose by 23 shots to 14. Rink 4 saw Beano skipping in the absence of Webby , aided by Ken, Roger and Steve , they were also up against it from the start. 21 shots to 5 down at tea , a much better second half saw them lose by 32 shots to 14. A comprehensive victory for the might Tenby side. Next up, home to Pembroke Dock.


Viv John, David Lloyd, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 20 Craig Guymer 31

Jon Hubbard, Tony Powling, Simon Evans, Ben Simmons 12 Kieran Peregrine 33

John Rees, Kevin Lewis, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 14 Ryan Thomas 23

Ken Lloyd, Roger Strong, Steve Davies, Huw Nicholas 14 Andrew Muskett 32

Fishguard v Five Arches

Five ArchesFishguard 58 (4pts)  Five Arches 70 (10pts)
June 19th 2016

In complete contrast to the previous day, this game was played in appalling weather, wet and windy , not the best conditions to play bowls but the Five Arches battled through to another important victory.

Ashley, replacing holiday bound Ben , assisted by Roger, Tony and Steve had a tightly fought contest on rink 3. One shot separated the team at tea and with his last bowl , Fishguard skip Davo won the match for his rink by 17 shots to 16. On the next rink, Gerald , backed up by Neil, Mike and John mastered the conditions , always in the lead they eventually ran out comfortable winners by 18 shots to 11.  Unbeaten skip Dai , returned to the fold, and once again won. Well supported by Viv, Kev and David , they showed distain for the conditions to romp away by 24 shots to 14. Out in the murk of rink 6 , Webby with Johno, Ken and Simon had a close fought match once again. One shot behind with 2 ends to play , they just lost out to fine bowling by the home rink by 16 shots to 12. Another fine away win, we have won 3 out of first 5 away fixtures. Next up Whitland at home on Saturday at 1pm.


Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, Steve Davies, Ashley Hooper 16  D Hughes 17
John Rees, Mike Day, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 18  T Evans 11
Viv John, Kevin Lewis, David Lloyd, Dai Spencer 24  M Barringer 14
Ken Lloyd, Jon Hubbard, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb 12 M Bedford 16

Five Arches v Whitland

Five ArchesFive Arches 76 (9pts) Whitland 76 (5 pts)
26th June 2016

After successive away victories, the Five Arches returned to Tenby to play Whitland. The game promised to be close as only two points separated them in the league table and it certainly lived up to this. 

Simon and his rink of Johno, TP and James struggled on rink one, conceding two counts of four and a count of five in the first half of the game, they trailed by 19 shots to 4 after 11 ends. However a better performance in the second half restricted the damage to a 28 shots to 13 defeat. In complete contrast Ashley 's rink of Viv, David and Dai had a storming first 12 ends to lead by 20 shots to 4. A comeback by the Whitland rink over the last 5 ends again narrowed the gap but the Five Arches foursome won by a comfortable 25 shots to 12. 

However the remaining two rinks provided all the drama, Beano, skipping Steve, Roger and Ken had a nail biting game on rink 4. Leading by a comfortable 15 shots to 6 at tea, they endured a Whitland comeback to be level going into the last end. However a fine last bowl by Beano, when match down, enabled them to snatch a well-earned one shot victory.  Gerald and his rink of John, Kev and Neil were last on the green. In an evenly matched game, they had eked out a 7 shot lead with 4 ends to go, however yet another fine comeback from the Whitland rink gave them a chance on the last end. 19 shots to 15 down, Whitland Skip Dan played a great shot to pick up three shots which tied the game overall but allowed the Five Arches rink to sneak another one shot victory.

Another great performance from the Five Arches team , winning on three rinks against the Whitland team is fantastic.  Next up, home to Tenby on Wednesday night.

Jon Hubbard, Tony Powling, James Criddle, Simon Evans 13 Mike John 28
John Rees, Kevin Lewis, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 19 Dan Jenner 18
Viv John, David Lloyd, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 25 Steve Rees 12
Ken Lloyd, Roger Strong, Steve Davies, Huw Nicholas 19 Glyndwr Thomas 18

Pendine v Five Arches

Five ArchesPendine 66 (4pts) Five Arches 76 (10pts)
18th June 2016

 On a sunny spring day , the Five Arches travelled to Pendine hoping to carry on the improved performance at Saundersfoot the previous week. On rink 2, Gerald and his rink of John Mike and Beano had an up and down day. They started well pickings up 2 counts of 4 shots to lead by 15 shots to 6 at tea. However an inspired fightback by Mal Evans' rink had clawed the deficit back to only 2 on the 18th end and by winning the remaining three ends , they ran out winners by 22 shots to 17. 

On rink 3 Ashley and his rink of Viv, Kev and David had a tremendous start and led by 18 shots to 3 at the tea interval. The second half of the game was more even but the Five Arches rink won comfortably by 25 shots to 11. Ben and his rink  of Roger, Tony and Steve had  the opposite game to Gerald's rink, losing by 10 shots to 4 at tea. The rink rallied and won the last 9 ends to win by 18 shots to 13. Finally out on rink 5, Webby ably supported by Ken, Bill and Simon had  a close fought battle with Geoff Hale's Pendine rink, 2 shots down at tea, they led by a solitary shot on the 19th end only for the Pendine foursome to edge it over the last two ends to secure a 20 shots to 16 victory. A great win for the Five Arches, I don't think we have ever won at Pendine in the league before, perhaps the kick-start we need for this season.

Ken Lloyd, Bill Benham, Simon Evans, Jon Webb 16  G Hale 20
Viv John, Kevin Lewis, David Lloyd, Ashley Hooper 25 A Edwards 11
Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 18  SK Thomas 13
John Rees, Mike Day, Huw Nicholas, Gerald Hewitt 17  M Evans 22

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