Five Arches v Saundersfoot

Ken Lloyd, Tom Lewis, Kevin LewisFive Arches 76 Saundersfoot 105 (Five Arches 3pts Saundersfoot 11 pts)
6th June 2015


After last week's win at Whitland, the Five Arches were looking for perhaps another shock result against Saundersfoot. However we were brought back to down to Earth with a solid performance from a strong Saundersfoot sixteen. Rink two saw Neil and his rink of Mike, Fred and Harold have a tough afternoon against the Saundersfoot opposition. Every time they got close, the Saundersfoot rink pulled away again and ran out eventual winners by 29 shots to 17. On the next rink, Captain Ben ably assisted by David, Tony and James again had a tough afternoon, with Saundersfoot skip, Steve Poole in imperious form, they only allowed Ben and his men to score on six ends and ran away winners by 29 shots to 10. Rink four saw Dai skipping John, Jonno and Steve. In a tightly fought contest which swung from one side to the other, it looked as though it would go to Saundersfoot until the Five Arches rink picked up six shots on the 20th end to edge into the lead, only for the Saundersfoot rink to grab a shot on the last end to tie the match at 24 shots apiece. Kev and Tom provided a solid platform for the Five Arches to achieve their only rink win of the day, Ken and Ashley chipped in when they could and in a tense finale, in front of the rest of the players, hung on to win by 25 shots to 23. Busy weekend ahead with home games against Haverfordwest (Saturday) and Pembroke Dock (Sunday) to look forward to.


Mike Day, Fred Broomhead, Harold Ebdon, Neil Dickinson 17 Steve Dick 29
David Lloyd, Tony Powling, James Criddle, Ben Cloake 10 Steve Poole 29
John Rees, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Dai Spencer 24 Myrddin Dennis 24
Kevin Lewis, Tom Lewis, Ken Lloyd, Ashley Hooper 25 Berwyn Dennis 23


Whitland v Five Arches

Five ArchesWhitland 51 Five Arches 95 (Five Arches 13pts Whitland 1)
30th May 2015

On rink 1 , Ashley, Dai, Tom and Ken battled out a draw against Dan Jenner. Leading by a slim margin at the halfway point, the Five Arches quartet slightly  lost their way in second half and some fine bowling by the Whitland rink enabled them to pick up 2 shots on the final end to tie the game at 16 shots apiece. However it was the remaining three rinks which provided all the excitement. Ben Simmons and his rink of Steve, Jonno and John provided most of the fireworks , with Ben producing some amazing saving bowls and the rest of rink playing superbly, they increased their narrow 2 shot lead at tea to run out comfortable winners by 27 shots to 16.  On the next rink, Simon, Neil, Peter and Kev played against Whitland's former Gold Cup winner Steve Reese and his rink, in a game evenly poised after 11 ends at 10 shots each, Simon and his men went into overdrive in the second half to completely outplay their opponents. They won 9 of the 10 ends, scoring 19 shots to 1 , to complete a fine victory by 29 shots to 11.  Finally Captain Ben and his rink also joined in the fun. Playing against last week's Rossiters Cup winners , Ben and his gang ran away in the first half to be leading by 13 shots to 1 after 8 ends, steady accumulation from there onwards ensured they also won  by a comfortable margin of 23 shots to 8. A fantastic performance against one of the best teams in the league on their home patch, this  must rank as one of the Five Arches' finest wins in the last ten years.

Five Arches rinks, away skips only.

Ken Lloyd, Tom Lewis, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 16 Dan Jenner 16
John Rees, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 27 Liam Price 16
Kevin Lewis, Peter Hooper, Neil Dickinson, Simon Evans 29 Steve Reese 11
Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, Ben Cloake 23 Glyndwr Thomas 8


Pendine v Five Arches

Five ArchesPendine 92  Five Arches 63.75  (Pendine 12 pts. Five Arches 2pts)
23rd May 2015

Saturday saw the Five Arches team visit Pendine on a  sunny Spring afternoon. Pendine is always a tough place to get a result but hopes were high after winning our first two matches. Captain Ben and his unchanged rink once again bowled well, leading 12 shots to 8 after 10 ends , they then eased away in the second half to earn a 25 shots to 17 victory. Ashley with Ken, Tom and Bill had a game of contrasting fortunes, losing by 13 shots to 4 after 10 ends, they fought back into the match, only to just miss out by 18 shots to 17.A slow start by Bens’ rink of John, Jonno and Steve saw them 15 shots to 3 down after ten ends, although bowling better in the second half, they couldn’t close the gap and finally lost by 25 shots to 12. Unfortunately due to player unavailability, Neil had to play in a triple with Mike and Peter, after a promising start 4 shots to 0 after two ends, it all fell apart, losing the next 10 ends to be 19 shots to 4 down and eventually losing by 32 shots to 9.75. A disappointing result for the Five Arches, but a well-deserved one for the Pendine team. 

Five Arches team, away skips only:

Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, James Criddle, Ben Cloake 27 M Evans 17
Mike Day, Peter Hooper, Neil Dickinson 9.75 R Jones 32
John Rees, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 12 G Hale 25
Bill Benham, Tom Lewis, Ken Lloyd, Ashley Hooper 17 A Edwards 18


Tenby v Five Arches

Mike Day Peter HooperTenby 103 Five Arches 59  (Tenby 12 pts.  Five Arches 2pts)
24th May 2015

Games don’t get any harder in the Pembrokeshire league, than a game against the mighty Tenby team. So on a sunny Sunday afternoon we looked forward to a tough match. On rink 1 , in front of the crowd, Mike, Peter, James and Neil were soon under the hammer against Paul’s Tenby rink. They trailed by 21 shots to 5 after 11 ends and despite a better performance in the second half of the game, they finally succumbed by 33 shots to 10. Ashley with Dai, Turbo and Ken all played well to compete with and just edge out Ryan’s rink. Holding a slender a 1 shot advantage at tea, the game remained tight throughout with the five Arches quartet eventually winning by 22 shots to 15. Ben, John , Jonno and Steve were involved in another tight game, drawing 9 all at tea , the game was decided by Andrew’s  Tenby rink picking 14 shots in a run of five ends and drawing away to win by 26 shots to 15. Finally on rink 4, The Five Arches welcomed the silky skills of Simon Evans, returning to play in the Pembrokeshire league. However it was a baptism of fire for Simon and his rink of Roger, Tony and Ben. They trailed by 16 shots to 5 at tea and JR’s rink consolidated in the second half to win by 29 shots to 10.

ive Arches team, away skips only:

Mike Day, Peter Hooper, James Criddle, Neil Dickinson 10 Paul Diment 33
Ken Lloyd, Tom Lewis, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 22 Ryan Thomas 15
John Rees, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 15 Andrew Muskett 26
Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, Ben Cloake, Simon Evans 12 John Roberts 29

Five Arches v Castle

Five ArchesFive Arches 102 Castle 66  (Five Arches 12pts Castle 2 pts.)
20th May 2015

A busy week for the TP Hughes and Welsh Gift Shop sponsored Five Arches team with three matches in Division 1 of the Pembrokeshire league. First up, on a cool Wednesday evening, the return fixture against the Castle team from Haverfordwest. Captain Ben and his rink of Roger, Tony and Five Arches debutant, James, played superbly , scoring numerous big counts including a 7 on the 9th end, as they strolled to a 38 shots to 14 victory. Rink 2 also saw a count of 7 for the Five arches on the 9th end, however for  Neil and his rink of Tom, Harold and Peter, this proved to be the highpoint. From a comfortable 21 shots to 9 lead on the 12th end , this lead was whittled away by a determined Castle quartet who eventually won the game by 25 shots to 22. Ben, John, Jonno and Steve had a close game on rink three, playing against a triple , which is always tough , they did just enough to win by 20 shots to 13.5. Ashley and his rink of Dai, Kev and Ken had a very similar match on rink 4, again against a triple they edged to a 22 shots to 13.5 victory.

Five Arches team, away skips only:

Roger Thomas, Tony Powling, James Criddle, Ben Cloake 38 G Walters 14
Tom Lewis, Harold Ebdon, Peter Hooper, Neil Dickinson 22 R Jones 25
John Rees, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 20 M Codd 13.5
Ken Lloyd, Kevin Lewis, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 22 H Davies 13.5



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