Five Arches v Tenby

Five ArchesFive Arches 68 shots Tenby 116.

14 June 2014

Last Saturday, the Five Arches team and the Tenby team played each other in a First Division league fixture. The combined teams are pictured (right) before the match with the County Shield won by the Tenby team captained by Andrew Muskett, and the Second Division Shield and the Brains Knockout Cup won by the Five Arches team, captained by Tony Powling. Also in the picture are Tenby team sponsor Paul Diment, representing N. D. Toy and partners. and Chris Hughes .T.P. Hughes, and Jim Thomas, Tenby Welsh Gift Shop, who both sponsor the Five Arches team, club president John Baggott and club chairman Fred Broomhead.

Rink scores (Five Arches first) were as follows:
John Rees, Kevin Lewis, Steve Davies, Gerald Hewitt 12: Mike Jackson. Chris Thomas, Luke Guymer. Craig Guymer 33.
Ken Lloyd, Thomas Lewis, Ben Cloake, Dai Spencer 15; Alan Whitehouse,  Peter Day, Andrew Muskett, Paul Diment 25.
Jon Hubbard, Bill Benham, Tony Powling,  Ashley Hooper 18; Cameron White. Ben Simmons, Joe Richards. Ryan Thomas 29..
Roger Thomas. Ray Taylor, Peter Hooper, Neil Dickinson 23; Luke Rees, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb, Kieran Peregrine 29.

Five Arches v Milford Haven

Five ArchesFive Arches 71 (11pts) Milford Haven 62 (3)

7 June 2014

The T. P. Hughes – Welsh Gift Shop sponsored Five Arches team returned to winning form on Saturday, defeating visitors Milford Haven and picking up ll points to three.  This was a welcome win for the Arches. who have been on a losing run of form in recent weeks, and with big games this Saturday and Sunday. against Tenby and Haverfordwest, the Arches players are in for a busy weekend.

On rink one. Neil Dickinson and his rink were involved in a very tight game against the Tony Ellyatt rink. At the tea break, the Arches were trailing by five shots. But they then proceeded to wn eight of the remaining ends, reducing the deficit to one shot after 20 ends. The final end saw Neil produce a superb drawing bowl to gain a front toucher to bring the scores level at l7 each  and bag a vital point for the team.  This was a fine performance from the rink. with Roger and Bill bowling well up front, backed up by Peter and Neil -well done.

Rink two saw Gerald and his men defending their unbeaten league record and playing  for six wins in a row. Up against Lee Power and his rink, the G-men were trailing by one shot at the seventh end. but disaster struck on the eighth when they dropped a count of seven to go 13 shots to five down. The G Men, however, are made of stern stuff and by the20th end the deficit was down to three with the score at 20-17 to Milford. The home four played a great final end, picking up two shots, with a measure for a third. which would have produced another drawn game. Unfortunately. the meaure went against them and the Arches rink had to settle for the two shots to see them go down by one, 20-I9. Well done John. Harold. Steve and Gerald.

On rink four. Dai Spencer and his men were drawn against Jim Thomas and his rink. and made their usual slow start, finding themselves adrift by seven shots at the fifth end. They then won the next four ends to reduce the deficit to one, with the frontend of Kevin and Thomas going wel, backed up by Ken at third. who was bowling some telling woods. After that. the rink produced a powerful final surge to pick up another l3 shots to Milford’s three. running out winners by 20 shots to 12.  Ashley and his rink were drawn on rink five against Gareth Jones and his men, and this tuned out to be a very close encounter. At the 10 end tea break, the scores were all-square at seven shots each, by end 15, the game was still level at 11 shots each. The Arches four kept it all under control over the remaining ends, however, running out winners by 15 shots to 13.

Rink scores (Five Arches first. Milford Haven skips only) were:
Roger Thomas, Bill Benham, Peter Hooper, Neil Dickinson 17; T. Ellyatt I7.
John Rees, Harold Ebdon, Steve Davies, Gerald Hewitt I9; L. Power 20.
Kevin Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Ken Lloyd. Dai Spencer 20: I. Thomas 12.
Jon Hubbard, Tony Powling,  Steve Williams, Ashley Hooper 15; G.Jones 13.

Please note: The Tenby and Five Arches captains have arranged a joint team photograph with their shirt sponsors at 1.30 pm approx. before their First Division league encounter tomorrow (Saturday). Both teams swept the board last season. Tenby winning the County Shield (again), and the Five Arches winning the Second Division and Brains Cup.

Five Arches v Pendine

Five Arches 4pts. Pendine 10pts.

11th May 2014

Last Saturday saw league action return to Sutton Street when the TP Hughes – Welsh Gift Shop sponsored Five Arches team entertained Pendine Bowling Club in a First Division League game. On a miserable wet afternoon, the Arches suffered their first league defeat of the season, going down by 74 shots to 61, the Arches picking up four points to Pendine’s 10 points. Rink one saw the welcome return to the Arches of Neil Dickinson, for many years a regular in the Tenby team.. Neil slotted into Gerald’s rink as third, and took to the role like a duck to water. Gerald’s rink maintained their top form with John, Steve, Neil and Gerald running out winners by 20 shots to 12 against Stewart King Thomas and his rink.

Rink two saw the Captain’s rink, skipped by Ashley, struggle all afternoon due to Johno and Tony unable to cope with the wet conditions, leaving Steve and Ashley to keep them in the game, with Steve in in particular in cracking form taking Pendine bowls on numerous occasions, the points however going to Arwel Edwards and his men who found the conditions very much to their liking, running out winners by 21 shots to 16. Rink three saw Dai and his crew playing against Mal Evans and his men. Dai, Ken, Ben and Jim were always playing catch up as the Pendine rink raced into a 13-shot lead by the seventh end. With Jim coming in as a late replacement, he also struggled with the conditions on the long jacks. The game finally finished with Pendine winning 27 shots to 10.

On rink four, Tiger and his cubs were again involved in another tight game, running out winners by 15 shots to 14, against former Five Arches captain Dai King Thomas and his rink. With Harold Ebdon and Steve Sheldon upfront both playing well, Ray and Peter steered the rink to a one shot win, once again well done the cubs.

Rink scores, Pendine skips only.

Gerald Hewitt, Neil Dickinson, Steve Davies, John Rees 20 : Stewart King Thomas  12
Ashley Hooper, Steve Williams, Tony Powling, Jon Hubbard 16 : Arwel Edwards  21
Dai Spencer, Ben Cloake, Jim Taylor, Ken Lloyd 10 : Mal Evans 27
Ray Taylor, Peter Hooper, Steve Sheldon, Harold Ebdon 15 : Dave King Thomas 14

The Five Arches are playing at home again tomorrow when Pembroke Dock are the visitors.

Five Arches v Pembroke Dock

Five ArchesFIVE ARCHES 79 shots (2 pts) PEMBROKE DOCK 105 (12)

31 May 2014

Last Saturday, the visitors to Sutton Street were Pembroke Dock. They produced a fine performance against the Five Arches to return to the Dock with 12 points to the Arches' two. This was another disappointing result for the Arches. coming on the back of the defeat the previous Saturday against Pendine, with Gerald skipping the only winning rink to gain the two points.  This game was played out on rink one against Richard Hissey and his men. At the tea break, the Arches four were trailing by 13 shots to nine,  by end 16 the deficit was six shots. The G Men then produced a superb finish, winning the last five ends and picking up 11 shots in the process, to win 25 shots to 20.

Rink two saw Dai and his rink drawn against Richard Jones and his men. This was a game of two halves,  as at the 10-end break, the Arches four were leading 13 shots to five, but after tea, the opposition went into overdrive. picking up 12 shots over the next six ends to lead 17 shots to 13. The remaining ends also went the way of the Dock, seeing them pick up another nine shots to the Arches' five.  On rink four, the captain's rink had another disappointing day, up against the wily Brian Dowling and his men.  Although winning 10 of the 21 ends, with a six included on the 15th end, the Arches four dropped too many big counts, and went down by 31 shots to 20.  Alongside on rink five, Ray Taylor and his cubs found themselves drawn against Dave Buchanan and his crew. The Dockers were fast out of the blocks, leading nine shots to nil after four ends. From then on Tiger's cubs were always playing catch-up, eventually going down by 28 shots to 16. 
Rink scores (Five Arches first, Pembroke Dock skips only) were as follows:

John Rees, Steve Davies, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 25; Richard Hissey 20.
Kevin Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Ken Lloyd, Dai Spencer 18; Richard Jones 26.
Jonno Hubbard, Tony Powling, Steve Williams, Ashley Hooper 20; Brian Dowling 31.
Harold Ebdon, Steve Sheldon, Peter Hooper, Ray Taylor 16; Dave Buchanan 28.

Milford Haven v Five Arches

Five ArchesFive Arches 98 (14 pts.) Milford Haven 55 (0 pts.)

3rd May 2014

The T.P. Hughes, Welsh Gift Shop sponsored Five Arches, playing their first away game of the season, travelled to Milford Haven last Saturday, where they produced another powerful performance to win on all four rinks and bag the 14 points on offer. With the Milford green in excellent condition so early in the season, it suited the Arches team who found it a pleasure to bowl on;  it was also nice to bowl on a dry day.

Rink one saw Tiger and his cubs in action and they were involved in another tight game. Against Tony Ellyatt and his men, after 10 ends the cubs found themselves adrift by six shots. They then proceeded to win the next four ends, picking up seven shots to lead 11 shots to 10.. They then extended their lead to 18 shots to 11, before the Milford rink produced a strong finish picking up six shots over the last three ends to close the gap to one, but the cubs were home and dry 18 shots to 17. On rink two, the Captains rink were looking for a win after losing last week and were in a determined mood against S. Jones and his rink. With Johno in superb form at lead, backed up by Tony, Steve and Ashley, they won 13 ends to Milford’s eight. They were leading 13 shots to 8 at the tea break, and then proceeded to pick up a six on the 11th end, a five on the 15th and seven shots on the last two ends to win 37 shots to 13.

Rink three saw Gerald and his men in action against Jimmy Thomas and his rink. Gerald, John, Bill and Steve produced another fine performance, winning 12 ends to Milford’s eight, and with the whole rink putting in a powerful display of bowling, they eventually won by 10 shots, 23 to 13. Dai Spencer and his men found rink four very much to their liking, winning eight of the first 10 ends to lead 15-4. This laid the foundation for the win, as their opponents produced a strong second half, winning seven ends to the Arches four. However  Dai and his crew of Kevin, Thomas and Ben bagged the points, winning 20 shots to 12.

Rink Scores (Five Arches first, Milford skips only)

Ken Lloyd, Jim Taylor, Peter Hooper, Ray Taylor 18: T Ellyatt 17
John Hubbard, Tony Powling, Steve Williams, Ashley Hooper  37: S Jones 13
John Rees, Bill Benham, Steve Davies, Gerald Hewitt 23: J Thomas 13
Kevin Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Ben Cloake, Dai Spencer 20: L Power 12

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