Tenby v Briton Ferry

Writes Mike Gouldingay...

Tenby  109  Britton Ferry 112

On Sunday July 3rd Tenby played host to Britton Ferry Steel Works Which is an annual occasion This time of year which every one looks forward to it stared of by Captain Casey calling for a minutes silence for one of his players as this was the ideal place to do it as he always looked forward to this occasion and his wife was playing today Then Captain Mike welcomed everyone on this very hot summers day

Rink 1 Saw J Taylor & C Jones supported by D Rees &  J Hubbard  being 5 shots down at the interval Things remained more or less the same and went down by 9 shots. Rink 2 Was a very close fought game With  M Skyrme & G Beeken supported by L Evans & R Silcox they were just 3 shots down at the interval And in the second half the score stood exactualy  the same and they went down by 3 shots. Rink 3 Saw H Meades & F Broomhead  supported by H Ebdon & B Cloake at the Interval they were 8 shots down But in the second half they made a comeback to loose by just 3 shots.

Rink 4 Was a bit one sided  With R French & S Davies supported by G Hewitt & R Taylor  at the interval they were 18 shots up And in the second half things remained exactly the same and they ended up winning by18 shots. Rink 5 Saw V Roberts & L Delabertouche supported by A Owens & A Redman at the interval they were 7 shots up But in the second half Britton Ferry fought back to force a draw with 20 shots each. Rink 6 Saw B Winstone & D McGee Suppoprted by M Gouldingay & A Hooper At the interval they were 5 shots down the second half was very closely fought till the 19th end when Tenby dropped  a  five and went down by 6 shots.

After 10 ends Captain mike thanked County President John Baggott and his wife Helen very much for the teas before we went out for the second half. After The Game Mike started of by thanking R Silcox  B Cloake  G Hewitt for stepping in at the last minute he then thanked everyone for such a wonderful afternoon what with the weather and the atmosphere it was perfect he then made is usual presentation to captain Stacey And in return was presented with a shield. The came the entertainment As the captain Mike started it of with we will keep a welcome from the on it was non stop music until 9.00clock of which every one enjoyed  Mike as aready booked a date for next year

Rink 1  J Taylor  C Jones  D Rees  J Hubbard 13   M Johnson 22
Rink 2 M Skyrme  G Beeken  L Evans  R Silcox  15 / E Edwards 18
Rink 3 H Meades F Broomhead H Ebdon  B Cloake 15 /J Pritchard 18
Rink 4 R French  S Davies  G Hewitt  R Taylor 32 / B Rees 14
Rink 5 V Roberts  L Delabertouche A Owens A Redman 20 / M Jones 20
Rink 6 B Winstone D McGee  M Gouldingay A Hooper 14 /M Mort 20

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