Pembroke Dock Park v Tenby Arches Ladies

Tenby House HotelPembroke Dock Park 4 pts. Tenby Arches Ladies 2
23 May 2015

With one end to play, it looked as if the Arches ladies would be returning to Tenby from their visit to Pembroke Dock Park with nothing to show for their endeavours, but Alison, along with Lynn, Audrey and Julia, were to change this. The Arches’ second rink, skipped by Carol and supported by Margaret, Meryl and Gerry, had finished their game losing 27 shots to 15 to the Park rink skipped by Margaret Lewis, so they were able to add their support to their colleagues who were about to start their last end one shot down. Lynn and Audrey got woods into the head, only for the Park third to move the jack off centre and get shot with her wood, which ended up in the ditch. Julia, playing her first league game of the season, came to the mat and drew the shot to tie the game. Penny Brickle, the Park skip, failed to change the head with her first wood, but Alison had no such problems, playing a perfect wood to draw in a second shot and take the Arches’ ladies into the lead. It was down now to Penny to recover the situation, but she failed with her last shot. The game was won and Alison had no need to bowl her last wood. Pembroke Dock Park won the game overall by 11 shots, but Tenby Arches Ladies, who are sponsored by Tenby House, secured two league points.

Whitland Ladies v Tenby Arches Ladies

16th May 2015

There was a mass exodus from Tenby Bowling Club last Saturday as the Arches ladies and the men's team travelled to Whitland, the ladies to play a league game and the men to play their second fixture in the Carruthers Shield competition. With all rinks occupied, there was an added sense of competitiveness across the green. On rink five. Alison had Helen, Audrey and Lynn supporting her. They seemed unmoved by what was going on around them, reaching the halfway stage 10 shots to five in the lead, and that's how the Arches rink score remained for the next seven ends. During this unproductive period, the Whitland rink, skipped by Cally Jones. added 13 shots without reply. There was no way back for the Arches rink, losing a further three shots on the last end and their battle by 21 shots to 12. On the outside rink, the opposite was happening. The Whitland rink skipped by Viv Kerrison raced to a 14 shots to seven lead at the midway period and all looked lost for the Arches ladies, but the fightback was about to start. It was the 13th end that was to prove unlucky for the Whitland ladies. They conceded four shots, then a further 10 in the remaining eight ends. Captain Carol skipped to rink with Gerry calling the shots at third, supported by Mair and Liz, to complete the fightback to win by 21 shots to 18 and secure two league points. Whitland, however, won the game overall by 39 shots to 33 and picked up four league points. Tenby Arches ladies are sponsored by Tenby House.

Haverfordwest Tasker v Tenby Arches Ladies

2nd May 2015

Tenby Arches ladies travelled to Haverfordwest in the rain on Saturday with just seven players. How frustrating is this that Tenby Bowling Club cannot field a team of eight ladies for a game of bowls on a Saturday afternoon? Are there any ladies in the area who want to take up bowls? If so give Carol a ring on (01834) 843846. With a wet green and the rain falling, the sides decided to play just 18 ends. Captain Carol was again forced to play a triples rink which she skipped along with Liz and Lynn. The Tasker rink skipped by Mandy Lewis got off to a flyer, picking up a Count of six on the third end, but Carol's girls were in good form, picking up two counts of three and two fours to race to a 26 shots to 15 win. However, as the Arches played in a rink of three, the rules dictate that they should lose 25 per cent of their shots. The adjusted score was a rink win of 19.5 shots to 15.

On the outside rink, there was a great game going on. Alison's rink of Meryl, Lon and Gerry were up against an experienced Tasker rink skipped by Win Howells. At the halfway stage, the Arches were four shots up, but on the penultimate end they found themselves trailing by four shots. The game looked lost, but some great front end bowl-ing left Alison with a shot to pick up a big score. She played the perfect bowl, then it was down to Gerry to measure and count the shots, the Arches had six woods closer to the jack than Tasker, turning a four-shot deficit into a two shot win and jubilation for the Tenby girls. This was a solid Arches performance from the seven players, winning overall by 38.5 shots 32. The ladies are grateful to Les, Martin and Kelly, of Tenby House, for their sponsorship.

Tenby Arches Ladies v Pendine Ladies

14th May 2015

Pendine ladies took revenge on the Arches ladies, sponsored by Tenby House, following their recent defeat at home, with a 31 shots to 19 victory last Thursday. Rain had fallen all morning and at one stage it looked as if the game would have to be called off, but the ladies were not going to be put off by the thought of getting wet. They got out their waterproofs and a variety of headgear and got on with a shortened 18 ends game. Captain Carol along with Helen. Lon and Meryl, like the weather, had a foul afternoon and wished they were at home in the dry. The Pendine rink skipped by Daphne Penfold dominated the game from start to finish, winning by 18 shots to five. Skip Alison supported by Lynn (in her 'fashionable' hat). Liz and Margaret had a much more competitive afternoon. At the halfway stage. it was even at six-all, the Arches ladies then got away from the Pendine rink. skipped by Gill Cobb. to lead by seven shots. Gill and her team fought back, winning the last four ends, but just failed to get enough shots. losing by one shot, 14 to 13.

Pendine Ladies v Tenby Arches Ladies

14th May 2015

Following on from their 6-O defeat by St. Issells early last week, a depleted Arches team travelled to Pendine on Thursday hoping to get something out of this game to kick-start their season. With only seven ladies available, this was always going to be a difficult task, but the Arches ladies, generously sponsored this year by Les, Martin and Kelly, of Tenby House, were in a positive mood. Captain Carol decided to promote herself to skip and play a triples game with Margaret and Lynn. This rink, although a lady short, won by 16.5 shots to 13 after being penalised 25 per cent. Carol remarked after the game that she had an 'arm-chair ride' skipping, as Margaret and Lynn were just awesome. Alison skipped the second rink, with Gerry, Liz and Meryl making up the quartet. Alison and her team got off to a great start, but Pendine ladies fought back and, with six ends to go, the game was tied at 16-all. Some good tight, tactical play resulted in the Arches ladies  winning the next four ends and their rink by 20 shots to 18. The 36.5 shots to 31 win for the Arches ladies was somewhat of a surprise victory but`they can now go forward and build on this success.

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