Whitland v Five Arches

Five ArchesWhitland 80 (10pts) Five Arches  69 (4pts)
28th July 2016

For some reason, Whitland has become a happy hunting ground for the Five Arches recently, So we were hoping for another close fought encounter. On rink 1, Simon and his rink of Roger, Bill and Steve were involved in a tight battle against Phil Wynn's quartet. After ten ends , the score was tied at 10 shots each. The second half continued in a similar vein, with Simon's rink scoring 10 shots in the final 4 ends to edge victory by 1 shot. Gerald and his rink of John, Mike and TP were on rink 2 and suffered an appalling start, not scoring until the 9th end , they trailed 18-1 at tea. A much improved 2nd half saw them claw back most of the deficit to lose by only 7 shots. 

Jon and his rink of Ken, Kev and Beano were involved in a tight match against former Gold Cup winner, Steve Reese and his rink, however the loss of 10 shots during ends 10 to 12 proved decisive. The Five Arches rink could not quite pull back the deficit and ended up losing by 20 shots to 13. Ashley's rink of Dai, Jon and Viv started slowly trailing by 5 shots early on, rallied to win 9 of the next 12 ends to open up a gap which they just hung onto, to win by 2 shots. A satisfying performance against a strong Whitland team. 

Roger Thomas, Bill Benham, Steve Davies, Simon Evans 22, Phil Wynn 21
John Rees, Mike Day, Tony Powling, Gerald Hewitt 16, Mike John 23
Ken Lloyd, Kevin Lewis, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb 13, Steve Reese 20
Viv John, Jon Hubbard, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 18, Glyndwr Thomas 16

Five Arches v Milford

Five ArchesFive Arches 87 (12pts) Milford Haven 62 (2pts)
16th July 2016

After only picking up 3 pts in our last 3 games, it was imperative that the Five Arches got back to winning ways.  Simon , restored to skipping, had a close game on rink 2 , aided and abetted by Bill, TP and Steve , they were a couple of shots down at tea but rallied and by winning the last 4 ends won by 22 shots to 18. Webby, Kev, Ken and Turbo were up against seasoned campaigner Roy Thomas on rink 3. After an even first half, Roy and his rink pulled away to win by 24 shots to 12. 

Ashley and his rink of Dai, Roger and Viv edged slightly ahead after the first 10 ends and then went into overdrive winning 9 of the last 10 ends to end comfortable winners by 26 shots to 12. Finally , Gerald and his rink of John, Mike and Neil had a dominant day on rink 5. 12 shots up at tea , they extended this in the second half to win by 27 shots to 8. A good win at home. Next game Whitland away. 

Bill Benham, Tony Powling, Steve Davies, Simon Evans 22, Lee Power 18
Ken Lloyd, Kevin Lewis, Tom Lewis, Jon Webb 12, Roy Thomas 24
Viv John, Roger Strong, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 26, Dave Buchanan 12
John Rees, Mike Day, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 27, Tony Ellyatt 8

Haverfordwest v Five Arches

Five ArchesFive Arches 44 (0 pts) Haverfordwest 112 (14pts)
10th July 2016

It's hard enough going to play in Haverfordwest at the best of times but to go there with not enough players is a bit suicidal. With  a number of absences, we were forced to play with three triples and only one full rink. On rink 1 , Neil and his teammates John and TP played superbly against Richard O'Leary and his rink, only losing by 21 shots to 15 after the 25% reduction for playing a triple. Dai Spencer and his rink of Roger, Joe and Johno had a torrid time on rink 2. 16 shots behind at tea, they battled bravely but succumbed by 37 shots to 9.

Beano , together with father and son, Tom and Kev led at the tea interval by 10 shots to 5, unfortunately , the 2nd half was a complete reversal and they finally lost by 21 shots to 8 (25% reduction ). Ashley and his teammates , Steve and Viv had a similar game on rink 4, even at the tea interval and then a battering in the second half to eventually lose by 33 shots to 12. Onwards and upwards they say, next game home to Milford.

John Rees, Tony Powling, Neil Dickinson 15, Richard O'Leary 21
Roger Thomas, Joe Hewitt, Jon Hubbard, Dai Spencer 9, Roger Price 37
Kevin Lewis, Tom Lewis, Huw Nicholas 8, PDS Jenkins 21
Viv John, Steve Davies, Ashley Hooper 12, Alan Whitehouse 33

Five Arches v Pembroke Dock

Five ArchesFive Arches 65 (3pts) Pembroke Dock 78 (11pts)
9th July 2016

After a good win in the first match of the season at Pembroke Dock, the Five Arches had hoped to pick up a few more points in the home game against them , however this was not to be.  Rink 1 saw Webby and his rink of Ken, Kev and Beano have a  close game against wily Brian Dowling. Close all through the game , the Pembroke Dock rink edged it by 15 shots to 11. On Rink 2 , Neil assisted by John, Mike and TP had an even closer game, leading by 3 at tea, the Pembroke Dock four fought back to lead by 3 themselves going into the last end. However fine play by the Five Arches lads allowed them to pick up 3 shots and tie the match. 

Captain Ashley and his rink of Simon, Viv and Dai Lloyd rocketed off at the start of the game leading by 6 shots at tea and 13 shots after 14 ends. The Pembroke Dock rink led by Richard Jones then fought back to close the gap but the Five Arches hung on and edged a fine 21 shots to 16 win. Finally Ben and his gang of Roger, Johno and Steve had a tough day at the office, trailing by 7 shots at tea, they never really got into the game and lost by 26 shots to 12. A disappointing result but all credit to the Pembroke Dock boys.  Next game Haverfordwest away. 

Roger Thomas, Jon Hubbard, Steve Davies, Ben Simmons 12 Richard Hissey 26
John Rees, Mike Day, Tony Powling, Neil Dickinson 21 Matt John 21
Ken Lloyd, Kevin Lewis, Huw Nicholas, Jon Webb 11 Brian Dowling 15
Viv John, David Lloyd, Simon Evans, Ashley Hooper 21 Richard Jones 16

Five Arches v Tenby

Five ArchesFive Arches 60 (0pts) Tenby 119 (14pts)

29th June 2016


After a great performance against Whitland the previous Saturday, we played reigning champions Tenby on a cool Wednesday night. On rink 1 , Captain Ashley and his rink of Viv, Dai Lloyd and Dai Spencer held their own in the first half of the game, 14 shots all after 10 ends. The Tenby rink then upped their game in the second half and eased out to a comfortable 31 shots to 20 victory. On Rink 2 , the returning Ben and his rink of Johno, TP and Simon were up against it from the start. Trailing 15 shots to 5 at tea , they battled hard, eventually losing by 33 shots to 12.

Gerald and his rink of John, Kev and Neil had a closer game on rink 3. Trailing by 6 at half time , they fought on to lose by 23 shots to 14. Rink 4 saw Beano skipping in the absence of Webby , aided by Ken, Roger and Steve , they were also up against it from the start. 21 shots to 5 down at tea , a much better second half saw them lose by 32 shots to 14. A comprehensive victory for the might Tenby side. Next up, home to Pembroke Dock.


Viv John, David Lloyd, Dai Spencer, Ashley Hooper 20 Craig Guymer 31

Jon Hubbard, Tony Powling, Simon Evans, Ben Simmons 12 Kieran Peregrine 33

John Rees, Kevin Lewis, Neil Dickinson, Gerald Hewitt 14 Ryan Thomas 23

Ken Lloyd, Roger Strong, Steve Davies, Huw Nicholas 14 Andrew Muskett 32

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