Pembroke Dock v Tenby

ND Toy & PartnersPembroke Dock v Tenby

10 May 2014

The N. D. Toy & Partners Ltd, T. P. Hughes and Welsh Gift Shop sponsored, Tenby Club began their quest to regain the Welsh Club Championship against Pembroke Dock. The weather proved to be difficult for both sides, especially the effect the wind was having. The match was level at five ends, 17-all. Tenby held a slight advantage over 10 ends, leading 37 to 34. In a similar vein to the previous week’s game against Saundersfoot, the Tenby club found another gear and scored 24 shots to the hosts seven to lead by 20 shots at the 15-end mark. At 18 ends, the Tenby club scored a huge 30 shots, whilst only conceding two, to hold a more than healthy advantage. The end score, at 21 ends, was a 53-shot victory (105-52) Rink one: The Kieran Peregrine ‘rink’ only won one of the first seven ends, but that scoring end was a count of six shots which meant they only trailed by two shots. At 14 ends, the Pembroke Dock ‘four’ led by one shot (14-13). A surge by the Tenby four resulted in them winning all remaining ends, scoring 14 shots in the process to win 28-14. Rink two: Alan Whitehouse recorded his first win as a Tenby skip, beating Richard Jones 21-16. The Tenby rink showed tremendous tenacity to win this game, having been 11-4 down at eight ends. A winning scoring sequence of seven ends, picking up eight shots, saw them edge in front by one. The rink then applied great team management, winning four out of the remaining six ends and picking up nine shots to two.

Rink three: John Roberts and Aaron Lloyd returned to the Tenby line-up, replacing Paul Diment and Ben Sheldon. Aaron Lloyd produced a scintillating display and proved what a natural sporting talent he is - especially considering that this was his first game of the season. International John Roberts was always in control against Pembroke Dock’s Richard Hissey, but a dogged display by the hosts saw them trail by only four shots at 10 ends (8-12). However, like all the rinks around them, the Tenby four scored on nine out of the remaining 11 ends, picking up 15 shots to four, to win at the close by 27 shots to 12. Rink four: The Andrew Muskett four, like the John Roberts rink, were in total control against the David Buchannan four, winning 14 out of the 21 ends. Holding a slender lead of 12-8 at 13 ends, the Tenby four powered their way to the finish line, scoring 17 shots to two.

Tenby v Whitland

ND Toy & PartnersTenby v Whitland

17 May 2014

After winning their opening group game against Pembroke Dock, the Tenby club hosted Whitland, who a week earlier had easily disposed of Fishguard and Goodwick by 77 shots. Tenby knew that a win would almost certainly see them qualify for the knock-out stages of the Carruthers Shield. Over the last few games, Tenby’s opponents ‘stayed’ with them for the first half of the match, only to then run out of steam and/or Tenby to find another gear. This again proved to be the case. Tenby held a six-shot lead at five ends; a nine-shot lead at 10 ends; a 24-shot lead at 15 ends; a 35-shot lead at 18 ends and closed the match with a 56-shot winning margin (104-48).

Rink one: Ryan Thomas replaced Paul Diment at skip following a late fitness test - which Paul failed (!) However, with Paul reverting to ‘third’, the rink was still strong - on paper at least. Aaron Lloyd played well at lead and with James Criddle having another very strong game at second, they set up a solid platform for Paul to complement their work. Ryan was then able to execute a wide variety of shots and display his natural talent to the full. After dropping two singles on the opening two ends, Ryan played a tremendous shot, turning the Tenby bowl onto the jack to make a count of four. The following end, Ryan picked up the jack for a count of six shots, but with a cruel twist, the jack rebounded back to its original placement - but still a score of two shots for the home side. Although the Tenby rink could consider themselves to be unlucky on that occasion, it was a sign of things to come. At the close, the Tenby rink had won 16 out of the 21 ends to record a 38-6 shot win. Rink two: Andrew Muskett’s four played against former Tenby Gold Cup winner, Steve Reese, of Whitland. The Whitland four started well and took control of the game, leading 7-2 after five ends and 9-6 after 10 ends. However, the Tenby rink were dogged in their play and scored 12 shots without reply over the next four ends. Steve’s rink reduced the score to 13-18 after 17 ends with a three-end winning streak, but the Tenby four won the remaining four ends to record a 24-13 win.

Rink three: Kieran Peregrine took on Colin Wynn, of Whitland. After taking an early lead, Colin’s rink started to cause some problems for the Tenby four and steadily built up a lead of 14-8 after 13 ends. The Whitland rink still held a good lead at 17 ends (17-11), but then Peg’s, Webby, Beano and Big Red took control, scoring on all the remaining ends: two, four, two and two. Final score 21-17. Rink four: John Roberts’s rink took on the Whitland rink skipped by Whitland captain, Glyndwr Thomas. This was again a very close game, with nothing between the two rinks. At 14 ends, the Whitland rink held an 11-8 lead. But in a similar manner to rinks two and three, the Tenby four won six out of the remaining seven ends, scoring 13 shots to one. A final score of 21-12. To be fair to Whitland, a 56-shot win flattered Tenby as in truth the match was settled on one rink. The dominant scoring by Tenby over the closing stages of the match could be put down to Whitland trying to force the issue with their choice of shots other than anything else

Tenby v Saundersfoot

ND Toy & PartnersTenby v Saundersfoot

3 May 2014

The N.D. Toy and Partners Ltd, sponsored, Tenby team began their defence of the Division One Championship last week at Saundersfoot and were up in three out of the four rinks before the rain intervened and left the match unfinished – to be completed later in the season. Last Saturday (May 3) saw the return fixture in which the Tenby side won by 12 points to two and by 90 shots to 68.

The Saundersfoot side kept up with their local rivals in the first half of the match, being down by 10 shots at 5 ends and five (down) at 10 (ends). The game seemed to change dramatically in Tenby’s favour between the 11th and 15th ends – Tenby scoring 33 shots to Saundersfoot’s 10. At 18 ends, Tenby had maintained their advantage, leading by 27 shots and at the close , Tenby won by 22 (shots).

Rink one - There were home debuts for Under 25 international Ryan Thomas and Welsh indoor international Alan Whitehouse. They played with the club chairman Fred Broomhead and Cameron White back fresh from national indoor honours. The home rink was always in control against the returning Stephen Poole and closed out the game 28-20 although losing five out of the last six ends (1-12)

Rink two - Andrew Muskett matched up against one of Saundersfoot's most consistent skips, Steve Dick. The Saundersfoot four seemed to be in control of the rink after receiving a boost on the first end when Steve Dick saved a count of five shots. This was a very low scoring game , with the highest counts being a three (Tenby) and four (Saundersfoot). Rink three: Captain of the Tenby team, Joe Richards teamed up with the ever impressive front end combination of Ben Sheldon and James Criddle, together with Paul Diment. This was a very good game, between two very good and experienced rinks. Alan Brace and Doug Silcox had excellent games for Saundersfoot and were well supported by the Joe and Berwyn Dennis combination. Diment's four was 8-11 down after 12,but a run of three consecutive winning ends of four, two and two put them in control to finally win 21-15

Rink four: More home debuts for with the appearance of former Welsh international Keran Peregrine and established Pembrokeshire county player Huw Nicholas. Luke Rees and the experienced Jon Webb completed this rink make-up. In a similar game to rink one, the Tenby rink came racing out of the blocks and took three counts of three shots as well as two counts of four shots to close out the game in comfortable style against Saundersfoot skip Merv Dennis, 30 shots to 11. So a good start for Tenby winning by 22 shots and 12 points to two. What was pleasing for the Tenby selectors was the ease with which the four new acquisitions have settled into the club.  One should not be too surprised, however as the four are all experienced players, three of whom have international experience and the other an experienced county player.

Keran Peregrine brings years of experience of international bowls and national honours as well as being familiar to the Tenby green, having been a former winner of the Tenby Gold Cup as well as four-time Silver Bowl winner. Alan Whitehouse has represented Wales , indoors for the past two seasons and is also a former national winner outdoors. Ryan Thomas, an under 25 international, has won a national singles title and Huw Nicholas has been an ever-present member of the Pembrokeshire outdoor team for many years. When you combine these players with the players already in the Tenby team, the season looks more than promising. Having won the league six times in a row, this team has the opportunity to match the record of seven consecutive league titles set in the 1990s by the likes of Haydn Guy, Sam McNeilly, Terry Preston, Ben Owens, Terry Thomas, Jimmy Oliver, Pat Currie and Dave King-Thomas. Over the next three weeks , the two Tenby teams have a league rest and the club focuses on the Welsh Carruthers Shield starting with Pembroke Dock (away). All league results and current league tables can be found at

Taffs Well v Tenby

Taffs WellTenby v Taffs Well

 The N. D. Toy and Partners sponsored Tenby team made the swift journey east on Saturday to play the side from Taffs Well, a picturesque little village on the outskirts of Cardiff. The South Glamorganshire side had never progressed so far in the Welsh KO Shield before, whereas the Tenby side were looking to reach the last eight for the fourth time in the last five years, and knowing that a home tie in the next round would put them only one step away from the Welsh Mecca of Llandod the Sharks knew this was a must win game.

To be fair to the Taffs Well side however they were not to be overawed by the proceedings and in the early and middle stages they held their own on a decent paced green, indeed it was the former champions Tenby who were the slowest out of the blocks. On the inside rinks, John Roberts found himself drawn on rink three and after dropping a four on the first end the current Welsh international showed his usual coolness under fire and responded with a three, one and three on the next few ends.

The match then became a nip and tuck affair for the remainder of the first half and honours were even at 10 ends, standing at nine-all. It was in the second half however that the rink came to the fore. JR was supported by the bus driver Neil Dickinson together with the ‘racing snake’ Ben Simmons and the ever-impressive Joe Richards. Joe has shown over the years that he’s a class player, but a lack of consistency and the purchase of cheap alarm clocks have let him down in the past. Now that he’s a big boy and has cut the apron strings however his game is definitely improving, even if his communication skills are not.

So following a quick couple of singles, this rink won nine of the remaining 11 ends to win by 27-14. In was a far closer affair on rink four where the twins were drawn. With the exception of the silver gloved one at second, you could be forgiven for thinking that this rink belongs on the cover of Attitude magazine with the ever-impressive gun shows put on by Craig, Luke and Gerald. Fortunately for all Tenby supporters, it was their bowls rather than their abs that did the talking on what appeared to be a tricky rink. This match carried on what was the theme of the afternoon generally of Tenby being kept close until half way before coming good in the second half. Up by one at 10 ends, the twins then  took a five-shot lead only to be pegged back before a three on the penultimate end put them five up with only and end to play, and after dropping one the final score was 20-16.

Well done as well to Luke and Craig for being reselected for the Welsh Under 25s this year. Rink five was the only bad news of the day where Paul ‘Turkey’ Diment (to give him his N. D. Toy name) and his rink of Big Red, Ashley Hooper and Daisy can count themselves as unlucky to lose this match. Again at half-way, there was only one shot in the game and the Tenby rink then took a five to open up a six-shot lead. However, time and again when ever the rink appeared to be holding a number of shots the Taffs Well skip would trundle into the head and take the jack back or through to the ditch leaving Paul with an impossible draw to try and make shot or cut down. Had he have been playing former Tenby star and known roller Phil Carpenter, Paul would have had the back covered, but on such a quick green some of the saving shots pulled off seemed impossible. Indeed the Taffs Well rink over turned a six-shot deficit into a five-shot lead before some great drawing bowls by Ashley and Peter got the match back to a one shot for the final end. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and Paul suffered his first back-to-back loss in the Carruthers for many a year, losing 19-22.

It was the end rink of captain Wigan that proved to be the rock upon which Tenby built their lead however in last Saturday’s tussle. Again this proved to be a tricky rink to play on and it was some time before the front end of Cameron (Shares in MacDonald’s) White and James (my brother nicked my top) Criddle worked out which way was faster than the other. Indeed, in the early exchanges the score didn’t reflect the game where was it not for some very telling bowls by the captain himself the Tenby rink could have been losing. However, having been kept in it after the early exchanges, this rink grew into the game with all three in front contributing more and more as the game developed. By halfway with the team only nine shots to the good, seven of them were from this rink and thereafter, similar to the rink of John Roberts, the Tenby foursome surged ahead losing only one end after 10 ends and ran out worthy winners by 29-7. A remarkable score line for such a cautious skip!

Following some welcome refreshments at Taffs Well RFC, the team then boarded their respective flights home and landed a short time later in sunny Pembs. Tenby now entertain Llandrindod Wells at home a week Saturday, August 3. This means that Tenby’s famous Open Week will have to be rejigged for the second time in a few years as the current crop of players continue to show that they are a force to be reckoned with in the national team knock-out competition. Anyone wishing to support Tenby a week Saturday will be more than welcome, and whilst you at it, enjoy the cheapest bar prices the town has to offer.

Haverfordwest v Tenby

County Champions 2013

HAVERFORDWEST 73 (1 pt) TENBY 83 (13)

After the disappointment of their defeat in the Carruthers Shield semi-final the previous week, the N. D. Toy and Partners Tenby side bounced back in style on Saturday.
Travelling to Haverfordwest for what was effectively the Pembrokeshire division one title decider, the Seasiders were seeking revenge against the Town side, having slipped up against them in the very first match of the season.

But they were in no mood to let that happen again as, with the championship firmly in their sights, they kept their opponents on the back foot throughout, winning on three rinks and drawing on the other, to well and truly dash any hopes Haverfordwest may have had of claiming the county title themselves.
Bagging 13 of the 14 points on offer, meant that Tenby, still with a game remaining, had opened up an unassailable lead at the top of the table, and so the celebrations for captain Andrew Muskett and his men could finally begin.

It is the sixth successive season that Tenby have won the title since 2008 and the 37th time overall since the league’s inauguration in 1935. From 1991 to 1998 they also won the title seven times in a row. Will the current team better that record? With a host of youngsters - and a few ‘old heads’ - in the side, there is every chance that they can.
Tenby have to wait another three weeks to finally finish this season’s league programme, however, when they entertain Neyland in a rearranged match at the Sutton Street green on Saturday, September 21. The match is due to have an early morning start, so that the Tenby side can continue their celebrations afterwards with their ‘end of season do’.

Rink results against Haverfordwest on Saturday were as follows
Luke Rees, Ben Cloake, Luke Guymer and Craig Guymer bt Chris Court and Co by four shots.
Neil Dickinson, James Criddle, Joe Richards and John Roberts bt Ryan Thomas and Co by six shots.
Cameron White, Aaron Lloyd, Mike Jackson and Andrew Muskett bt Richard O’Leary and Co by one shot.
Joe Criddle, Ben Simmons, Peter Day and Paul Diment drew with Jason Dixon and Co.

Pontrhydyfen v Tenby

Pontrhydyfen 74 Tenby 76

ND ToyTenby travelled to the birth place of Richard Burton on Saturday to take on the mighty Pontrhydyfen BC, or the ‘Bont’ as they are commonly called.In 2010, the Bont travelled to Tenby who, at that time, were reigning Carruthers Shield champions. On that wet Saturday afternoon they suffered their biggest ever Carruthers Shield defeat by 44 shots (93-49).On Saturday, they had a chance of revenge on their own green. Having won the Carruthers Shield a record seven times, and having no fewer than 10 Welsh internationals from a possible 16, including of course those legends of Welsh bowls, William Thomas and David Wilkins, the Bont were certainly favourites to despatch the young Tenby side.

As the game commenced, both sides failed to establish a clear gap. At five ends, the Bont held a slender one shot lead (16-15) and at 10 ends, the home side still maintained that advantage (37-36).Incredibly, the ‘Bont’ could not escape the (Tenby) Sharks, and at 15 ends still held a one shot advantage (54-53). The Sharks then made their move and crept into a four-shot lead at 18 ends (65-61) and at 20 ends the Bont rallied to lead by two shots thanks to a count of five shots.

Andrew Muskett’s rink was first to finish and scored a single on their last end to reduce the score to one. John Roberts conceded a single to bring it back to two shots. Craig Guymer’s rink scored a three against the William Thomas rink to give Tenby the smallest of leads. With Paul Diment still on, it was still all to play for and Cameron White’s opening shot could not have been more perfect. A front ‘toucher’ - dead centre. Paul immediately went on the defensive and got Aaron Lloyd to position his bowls at the back of the head, with Ashley and Paul then playing a combination of covering bowls and ‘blockers’.

Welsh international Jeff Wilkins had one shot to play and decided upon a drive. He narrowly missed, with the further shot securing Tenby’s passage to the next round by the narrowest of margins. Tenby have now played two games and won both by scoring 76 shots. The first 76-75 and the second, 76-74. A further away game in the last 16 against Taffs Well of South Glamorgan is next, but Tenby look good for their fourth semi-final appearance since 2009 after impressive performances against two tough opponents.

Tenby rinks were:

Luke Rees, James Criddle, Peter Day, Andrew Muskett.
Cameron White, Aaron Lloyd, Ashley Hooper, Paul Diment.
Neil Dickinson, Ben Simmons, Joe Richards, John Roberts.

Gerald Hewitt, Mike Jackson, Luke Guymer, Craig Guymer.

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