Carruthers Semi Final

Welsh Club Championship at Llandridod Wells Bowling Club – Semi – Finals

Carruthers ShieldOn a rain filled day, Tenby’s reign as Welsh Club Champion’s came to a disappointing end in the semi-finals against the Mid Glamorgan team, Ferndale. The Tenby team were firm favourites to win this match having seemingly done the hard work by dispatching strong Afan Valley team’s; Pontrydyfen and Glynncorrwg in previous rounds.  Ferndale however did not read the script and enjoyed the role of underdogs and were out to spoil the party.

The game started well enough, with Phil Carpenter’s rink taking a four on the first end followed by a three on the 6th end to lead 11-3.  This usually strong rink would have normally surged ahead but for some reason lost the next 6 ends which included dropping a 6 and a 3 to then trail at 12 ends by 12 shots to 18.  Another dropped count of 4 shots on the 16th end and then the loss of the last 3 ends accumulating in 6 further shots saw the rink succumb to a 10 shot loss (18-28).

Paul Diment’s rink also started well enough by taking a solid 2 on the first end, but they too lost the next 5 ends, although all single shots.  A count of 6 on the 8th end saw a three shot advantage to the Tenby four and then the game went nip and tuck for the next 6 ends with the Tenby four holding a slender one shot lead by the 14th (end).  A fortunate result for the Ferndale four saw them take a count of 5 on the 15th end, followed by a 3 on the 16th end and all of a sudden the rink, as well as the team, were in big trouble as the counts that the rink dropped coincided with Phil’s dropped count of 4 shots on his 16th end.   12 shots in a blink of an eye and this was the turning point in the match.  The Tenby four rallied and took a 3 shots the next end and then won the next 2 ends to reduce the deficit by 17-19.  The 20th end saw Paul trail the ‘jack’ for a count of 5 and with one bowl each to play, a mistake by the Ferndale skip would see Paul draw for 6, which would have levelled the overall score of the match.  However, it was not to be, as the Ferndale Skip had a huge slice of luck and reduced the count to only a single shot with no chance for an additional shot to be added.  The final end and Tenby were once again holding shots but the Ferndale Skip played a brilliant bowl to draw shot and ultimately end the day for Tenby.

Craig Guymer played against the former Welsh International Skip, Gareth ‘Alfie’ Hughes and once again proved what a combination he has formed with his brother by performing to the highest standards once again.  The game was close throughout and resulted in a draw which was what was asked from them as they were playing against arguably Ferndale’s biggest threat.   The game was close throughout with no counts being taken or dropped.  18-18 being the final score. Pat Currie skipped against Martin Jones, a current Welsh Under 25 skip and although had a bad start, rallied to win the game 26-20.  John Roberts was superb for the rink once again.  Unfortunately I have not had the score card returned to me so further details cannot be reported.

If positives are to be taken from this game, they were that at 16 ends across the board, Tenby were 21 shots adrift, but rallied to trail by only 5 by the 19th end.  Victory could have been there even though I do not believe Tenby deserved to win and such a result would have been unfair on Ferndale, who were, on the day the better team. The final saw Ferndale lose heavily to Dinas Powis and our congratulations to them (Dinas Powis) on their success this season. Such is the nature of knock out competitions that one slip is very costly, particularly hurtful at the semi final stage.  However, the Tenby team did have some telling results at the right time last season against both Harlequins and Ely Valley in the semi-final and final respectively and unfortunately those moments were not with us in the semi-final against Ferndale but we have to take the rough with the smooth and move on and come back even stronger.

This year I believe the team have played under the most intense pressure every game and credit to my players on the way they have played with regard to their application and attitude towards every game.  Every side in Wales has been eager to be the first to beat the Welsh Champions and having experienced winning titles in the past I feel I am qualified to remind players that it is far easier winning a title than defending one.  In conclusion, to reach a semi-final has been an excellent achievement, one in which we can be proud to have accomplished.  It does show how far we have come as a club to be disappointed with winning the league and reaching (only) the semi-final of the Carruthers.   The result against Ferndale has confirmed a few negatives that were not at the surface before and these can act as a catalyst for positive change in the future.

I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking our sponsors, Layton and Company Solicitors and Chandler Rogers Estate Agents and in addition, the support of the Club has been fantastic and I would like to publically thank those members who travelled up to support us.

Rink Scores:

B Simmons, J Webb, A Muskett and P Carpenter 18-28 Ferndale

D Spencer, J Richards, P Day and P Diment 18-20 Ferndale

L Rees, M Jackson, L Guymer, C Guymer 18-18 Ferndale

N Dickinson, J Baggott, J Roberts and P Currie 26-20

Tenby v Glyncorrwg

Welsh Club Championship Quarter Final

Tenby vs Glyncorrwg (Neath/Port Talbot)

Tenby v GlyncorrwgAs mentioned in last weeks report, following the conclusion of the Gold Cup Tournament , Tenby faced formidable opposition in the Afan Valley side, Glyncorrwg, in their bid to retain the Carruthers Shield.  With home advantage and the manner of the win against Pontrydyfen making Tenby favourites, the Afan Valley side enjoyed their roll of under dogs and proved throughout the match that they did not travel to Tenby just to make up the numbers.

After 1 end, the match was 6-5 to Tenby and all looked to be going well until the ‘Corrwg turned up the heat on an already hot afternoon.  After 5 ends Pat Currie was 8-1 and Phil Carpenter was 11-0 down.  Paul Diment and Craig Guymer tried to steady the ship and both lead 7-2 and 5-3 respectively.   A lead of 11 shots to the away side this early in the game did not bode well and the large Sutton Street crowd were silenced by the scattering of away supporters who were now, even though still early in the match, sensing victory.

Paul Diment’s rink continued to surge away, and at 10 ends led by 13-4.  Craig Guymer also extended his lead against Welsh International and Current British Isles Champion, Ross Tomlinson by 10-5.  Phil Carpenter was still struggling against John Tomlinson but had reduced the deficit to 13-6.  It was however on rink 1 where all was changing in Tenby’s favour, with John Roberts playing superbly to help the rink to trial by the 1 shot.  At 10 ends, Tenby found themselves 6 shots ahead and had outscored their opponents by 17 shots between ends 5 to 10.

The question on everyone’s minds was whether Tenby would further press home their advantage or would Glyncorrwg find the spirit to Tenby v Glyncorrwgpull the game around in their favour?  At the 15 end mark Paul Diment, with Joe Richards and Peter Day playing some great bowls, further extended their lead to 14 shots (20-6); Craig Guymer with his brother also playing at the top of his game were beginning to demoralise Ross Tomlinson by continuing to convert opportunities set up by Luke Rees and Mike Jackson, and now led by 18 shots to 5.  Phil Carpenter continued to keep things tight and was behind by 5 (15-10) and the Pat Currie revival continued to now level the game at 15-15.  With Tenby now having a lead of 22 shots with only 24 playing ends remaining (6 ends by 4 rinks), it was now their game to lose.

Paul Diment continued to forge ahead taking a 4, 3 and a 2 over the closing 6 ends to record a final winning scoreline of 29-11.  Craig Guymer finished winning 4 out of the last 6 ends to record a very impressive 24-8 victory over the talented Ross Tomlinson. Phil Carpenter’s four tried their best to close the gap but in the end had to settle for a 5 shot defeat, which after 7 ends, when 13-0 down, would have been more than welcome.  Credit to the rink for their fighting spirit.  Pat Currie had also come back level at 15 ends, but a dropped 5 on the 16th end, followed by losing 3 out of the last 5 ends, saw them fall away to a 7 shot defeat. Therefore a win of 22 shots (85-63) to the Welsh Champions, in a match kindly sponsored by Betfred.

Tenby v GlyncorrwgTenby will now travel to Llandridod Wells, the Welsh Bowling Association Headquarters, in 2 weeks time to face Ferndale from Mid Glamorgan in the semi finals, which will be held at 9.30am.  If a win is achieved, they will then play either Porthcawl or Dinas Powis at 2pm that afternoon.  The team would like to take this opportunity to thank the Club and in particular, Lynn Deli, for her co-operation with regard to ensuring that the match could be played due to her taking the effort to reschedule the Gold Cup.  Finally, congratulations to Phil Carpenter on winning his third Silver Bowl and to John Roberts and Craig Guymer on reaching the semi-finals of Gold Cup and Silver Bowl respectively.

Rink Scores:

Rink 1:   N Dickinson, J Baggott, J Roberts and P Currie 18-25 Glyncorrwg
Rink 2:  D Spencer, J Richards, P Day and P Diment 29-11 Glyncorrwg
Rink 3:  G Hewitt, J Webb, A Muskett and P Carpenter 14-19 Glyncorrwg
Rink 4:  L Rees, M Jackson, L Guymer and C Guymer 24-8 Glyncorrwg

Tenby v Castle

Pembrokeshire League Division One

Chandler RogersDue to the success of the Carruthers Shield, domestic matches have had to be arranged and I would like to thank Mike Gouldingay for his work with this difficult task.  Tenby were 22 points behind Whitland, but had 3 games in hand, and last Saturday, played against the league leaders at their own ‘green’.  Therefore the task for Tenby was to win two of the three games in hand that were played before their visit to Whitland.

Tuesday, 24th July, Tenby entertained Haverfordwest Castle and enjoyed a comfortable 45 shot win although this was due to two rinks winning by large margins and only 11 points secured for the nights work.  With several first team players absent, the junior players had an opportunity to shine and Arron Lloyd was the pick of the bunch by playing superbly for Andrew Muskett.

This reduced the point’s deficit on Whitland to 11 and the rink scores for that game were as follows:

Rink 1:  N Dickinson, C White, J Baggott and P Day 19-20 D Summers

Rink 2:  G Hewitt, A Lloyd, J Webb and A Muskett 32-6 R Lewis

Rink 3:  D Spencer, T Brown, J Richards and P Diment 34-14 B Hall

Rink 4:  B Cloake, A Hooper, L Guymer and C Guymer 21-21 B Absalom

The Thursday, Tenby then entertained Haverfordwest and it was ironic that although the winner margin was lower than Tuesday night, 28 shots, the maximum 14 points were secured as Tenby won on all 4 rinks.  Arron Lloyd retained his place in the team due to his performance on the Tuesday evening.

Rink Scores:

Rink 1:  D Spencer, J Richards, P Day and Paul Diment  24-18  P D S Jenkins

Rink 2:  G Hewitt, A Lloyd, J Webb and A Muskett 21-16 A Wilks

Rink 3:  L Rees, M Jackson, S Williams and C Guymer 26-17 R Price

Rink 4:  N Dickinson, B Simmons, J Baggott and P Currie 25-17 R. O’Leary

With a lead of three points and still that important game in hand, Tenby fielded their strong Carruthers side, but due to the success of John Roberts in the Saundersfoot Open, Arron Lloyd features for the third successive game and played with Phil Carpenter.

Always a lively encounter, the Whitland team proved to be a hard team to break down, but with Tenby knowing that a win would virtually seal the league title for the third successive year, they had a comfortable win by 23 shots and won on three out of the four rinks to seal a 12-2 victory. Craig Guymer’s rink was always in control against Dan Jenner, the Whitland Vice-Captain and took an early 8-0 lead after 4 ends and finished the match with top rink spoils, 25-12.  Pat Currie always had the edge on Whitland Captain, Glyndwr Thomas and won 21-17 even though they lost the last 3 ends.

The undeafeated back end combination of the Double PD’s backed up with the ever impressive front end combination of Spencer and Richards came up against the top Whitland rink but were in total control and also ran out comfortable 20-12 winners.  Tenby’s sole defeat at the hands of Steve Reese, by 2 shots, gave some consolation to the Whitland team.  Trailing by 4-13 after 12 ends, the rink rallied and came back strong to lead at the 20th end by one, but for a near miss by Phil Carpenter with the last bowl of the match  victory would have been their’s.

Rink Scores:

Rink 1:  L Rees, M Jackson, L Guymer and C Guymer 25-12 D Jenner

Rink 2:  N Dickinson, J Baggott, J Webb and P Currie 21-17 G Thomas

Rink 3:  D Spencer, J Richards, P Day and P Diment 20-12 A Whitehouse

Rink 4:  G Hewitt, A Lloyd, A Muskett and P Carpenter 16-18 S Reese

Following from this victory, Tenby now have a lead of 13 points and still have a game in hand.  They have to play Pembroke Dock and Saundersfoot away and Milford Haven home and now require 15 points if Whitland win their remaining two games by the maximum margin.  With the vast superiority in shot difference, 14 points will be enough.  Congratulations to Whitland for once again pushing the Welsh Champions in the domestic league, but Tenby have once again proved to be Pembrokeshire’s best and congratulations to them for another successful campaign, barring a huge slip up.

Preview – Tenby vs Glyncorrwg – Welsh Club Championship Quarter Finals.

Tomorrow, at 3pm, the Tenby team entertain one of the top sides in Welsh Bowls, Glyncorrowg from, last Pontrhydyfen, the Afan Valley.  The path to the quarter finals has seen the Valley side having a bye in the first round while Tenby easily defeated Caerleon away from their Sutton Street Headquarters.  The second round, Tenby travel to Morriston, who had earlier defeated former winners, Victoria (Swansea) and Old Landorians (Swansea).  Although on paper a very tough test for the ‘sharks’ they came away with a comfortable 29 shot win.  Glyncorrwg accounted for Brynhyfryd (Llanelli) former 4 times winners by 13 shots away from home (79-66) which shows that they can produce performances away from their home ground.

Tenby produced the performance of the round in round 3 (last 16) beating the most successful side in the history of the competition, Pontrhydyfen, by a huge 43 shots and winning on all 4 rinks.  Not to be outdone, Glyncorrwg defeated a very strong RTB Ebbw Vale side, which included several current Welsh Internationals in their side, including one of their former players and current Welsh International Skip, Jonathan Tomlinson.  Also in the Ebbw Vale side was the World Indoor Singles finalist, Stewart Anderson which proves that the result, especially away from home for the second consecutive round, indicates that the Afan Valley side mean business and are a very big threat to Tenby’s hold on the Shield.

Stars of the Glyncorrwg side has have to include, Ross Tomlinson, who together with Geoff Simon and Neil Taylor won the British Isles Triples only a few months ago, and Ross’s father, John Tomlinson, a former Welsh National Singles Winner.   However, this side has great players in all positions and Tenby have their work cut out to reach their second successive appearance in Llandridod Wells.  The match has been sponsored by Bet Fred Bookmakers, and the Tenby Club are very grateful for their support and the club welcome local supporters which I am sure will witness a great match between two evenly contested teams.  There is a team practice scheduled for Friday night and every player who has not featured in Gold Cup week is expected to attend.

Tenby v Pontrydfen

Welsh Club Championship (Carruthers Shield)

Tenby 93 – 50 Pontrydfen

Tenby v PontrhydfenAfter the successfully navigating past Caerleon and Morriston in the first and second round of the Carruthers Shield, the Tenby sponsored Layton and Co solicitors and Chandler Rogers Estate Agents team played at Sutton Street to face the most successful team in the History of the Carruthers Shield.

Pontrhydfen have won the title 7 times and have won the event 6 times since 1999 and lost by 1 shot in the 2007 final. Pontrhydfen is a small village in the Afan Valley, in Neath Port Talbot county borough and their side is littered with Welsh Internationals, World and Commonwealth Champions and Multiple Welsh and British Isles Champions.  This game was the sternest test that the Tenby Club have faced in their entire history and Pontrhydfen went into the match as firm favourites to end Tenby’s tenure as Welsh Club Champions.

At 5 ends, Tenby were down by 6 shots (12-18) and the task facing them was beginning to show as Pontrhydfen started to settle into the match with their international players showing their skill by quickly adapted to the Tenby ‘green’.  Tenby rallied superbly over the next 5 ends and led by 6 by the 10th end (35-9).  From there, Tenby took control of the match by taking the challenge to the Afan Valley team and led at 15 ends by 28 shots (66-38).  By the time the 18th end was recorded, the match as a contest was over as Tenby extended their lead to 36 shots and upon the conclusion, a victory of 43 was secured.

Rink 1, saw Phil Carpenter take on multiple commonwealth games medal winner David Wilkins.  David was superb for the away team and showed just why he has attained over 120 welsh international caps.  The match was close up until the 10th end at 8-8, but then the Tenby rink, with newly crowned Pembrokeshire Pairs ChTenby v ampion, Jonathan Webb in great form as was Tenby’s former Welsh International, Phil Carpenter, won the next 5 ends to lead 20-8.  The final score of 22-14 could have been by a bigger margin if it was not for the skill of David Wilkins.

Pat Currie team up with Welsh International John Roberts, and at five ends they could not get on the score board and trailed 0-7 to another Welsh International, Barrie Evans.  The rink rallied with Neil Dickinson having a superb game.  Neil totally outplayed Ben Thomas (back to back indoor singles champion 2008 and 2009) to help the rink take a 8-7 lead by the 10th (end).  A count of ‘5’ broke a close scoring match and after the 18th end, the Pontrhydfen team conceded defeat as the rain came in, 20-12.

Junior Internationals Luke and Craig Guymer formed, once again, a great ‘rink’ partnership with the excellent Luke Rees and Mike Jackson both in great form on Rink 3.  They took on former World Champion, William Thomas and like the result on ‘rink 1’, the match was evenly poised at 10 ends, with the home rink behind 7-8.  A strong finish from ends 13 to 21 saw them win 20-13.

Paul Diment played on Rink 4 against Welsh International, Jeff Wilkins and at 5 ends the strong combination of Diment and Pembrokeshire Singles Champion, (Peter) Day trailed by 3-5.  A change in tactics which involved the front end of David Spencer and Joe Richards changing ‘hands’ (not literally!)  reaped dividends and by the 10th end, they had built up a lead of 6 shots (12-6).  David Spencer, in my opinion, played his best ever game for Tenby and was backed up by the excellent Joe Richards.  The rink at 15 ends had now raced into a 23-6 lead and a count of ‘6’ on the 18th end saw a huge win of 31-11 being recorded.

Tenby v PontrydfenIn my opinion, this was the best ever performance by a Tenby team and could even rival the historic events of last August when the Welsh title was won for the first time.  It is always hard to defend a title as teams will always be better prepared and determined to be the first to defeat the holders.  Considering the strength of the opposition, the score line has no doubt sent a message to Welsh Bowls and after the result, Tenby have been installed as 6/4 favourites to retain their title.  Next up will be another Afan Valley team, Glyncorrwg.  Although they have not got the pedigree of Pontrhydfen, they are an extremely skilful side and Tenby have a hard task on their hands to progress to the semi-finals.  Obviously home advantage is a great boost at this stage of the competition and with the match being held at Sutton Street I do not see anything but a win.  However lessons have been learnt from our earlier defeat at home to Whitland and complacency will not be an issue for this match. I reported after the Whitland defeat that it could very well be a result which focused us and so far I have been proved, like selection, right(!).

Rink Scores:

Rink 1:  G Hewitt, J Webb, A Muskett and P Carpenter 22-14 D Wilkins

Rink 2:  N Dickinson, J Baggott, J Roberts and P Currie 20-12 B Evans

Rink 3:  L Rees, M Jackson, L Guymer and C Guymer 20-13 W Thomas

Rink 4:  D Spencer, J Richards, P Day and P Diment 31-11 J Wilkins

County Under 18's

Congratulations to Cameron winner of the County under 18's Singles

Cameron White

County Rinks

County Rinks

Congratulations to John, Mike, JR and Phil winners of the 2010 County Rinks

John JR Mike and Phil

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