Tenby Arches Ladies v Pembroke Dock

Fourcroft HotelTENBY ARCHES  34 v PEMBROKE DOCK 39

Monday 27th June

Monday afternoon the homeside  (sponsored by The Fourcroft Hotel) played host to Pembroke Dock.  During the game the Club received some very sad news, Ted Brutnell had passed away.  We would like to send Gerry and Elaine our deepest condolences. Rink 5 The homeside were 11-5 up at tea but only scored three ends after to finish 14-14. Rink 6 Saw the homeside 9-12 down at tea.  They were 20 12 up on the 16th end but finished 20-25 down.

Tenby team first (Pembroke Dock skips only)

Rink 5 V. Roberts, L. Delabertouche, R. Silcox, A. Redman  14  C. Bethwaite 14
Rink 6 A. Owens, G. Beeken, L. Evans, M, Marquiss  20  B. James  25

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