Pembroke Dock Park v Tenby Arches Ladies

Tenby House HotelPembroke Dock Park 4 pts. Tenby Arches Ladies 2
23 May 2015

With one end to play, it looked as if the Arches ladies would be returning to Tenby from their visit to Pembroke Dock Park with nothing to show for their endeavours, but Alison, along with Lynn, Audrey and Julia, were to change this. The Arches’ second rink, skipped by Carol and supported by Margaret, Meryl and Gerry, had finished their game losing 27 shots to 15 to the Park rink skipped by Margaret Lewis, so they were able to add their support to their colleagues who were about to start their last end one shot down. Lynn and Audrey got woods into the head, only for the Park third to move the jack off centre and get shot with her wood, which ended up in the ditch. Julia, playing her first league game of the season, came to the mat and drew the shot to tie the game. Penny Brickle, the Park skip, failed to change the head with her first wood, but Alison had no such problems, playing a perfect wood to draw in a second shot and take the Arches’ ladies into the lead. It was down now to Penny to recover the situation, but she failed with her last shot. The game was won and Alison had no need to bowl her last wood. Pembroke Dock Park won the game overall by 11 shots, but Tenby Arches Ladies, who are sponsored by Tenby House, secured two league points.

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